What is The Manual For Man?

Tug Bro (link) is building the ultimate Manual for Man. All the stuff men should know but maybe don’t – about sex, love, women, our bodies, health, style and more. Every month Tug Bro will create a brand new manual (or two). Each book equals one chapter of the Ultimate Manual for Man. You can purchase each chapter as we deliver them, or join our patreon and get them all as soon as they are available!

The Tug Bro Manual for Man is full of handy info – all offering illustrated instructions where appropriate. Feel free to email us your suggestions for upcoming chapters and we will do our best to fulfil your request.

Remember to check out our other site TUGBRO.COM for plenty more useful stuff for guys!


Why are the books all different prices?

Each Manual for Man book price is calculated on length. If it’s a short book – you pay less! Pretty simple right? We’re not here to rip you off – we’re here to give you concise info for a good price. Most of the proceeds from the books will go into making more books, expanding Tug Bro and buying us a couple of beers.


How often do you release books?

We will be aiming to deliver at least one book and most probably two per month until we completely run out of things we think guys need to know.

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